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15.2.2014 21:30 - 17.2.2014 10:25

NHK Lalala Classic-Má Vlast-

A 29-min. talk show for classical music beginners, to guide them find their “favorite pieces”. One great piece is introduced every week with detailed information of the dramatic musicians’ lives as well as where the audience should focus while listening.

“Má Vlast” renders the beautiful landscape scene of the Vltava which runs through Czech.

The composer Smetana overcame numbers of difficulty in attempt to save his country- but what exactly did he put in this work?

We will focus on the charm of Czech and “Má Vlast”, the globally appreciated piece, with a special interview of Jakub Hrůša, the cutting-edge composer from Czech, who himself conducted “Má Vlast” in Pražské jaro 2010.

HOST: Ira ISHIA (award-winning writer) and Miwa KABASAWA (compositor, arranger, and pianist)

NHK ETv February 15th at 21:30 / February 17th at 10:25


For more information visit http://www.nhk.or.jp/lalala/

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Od: 15.2.2014 21:30
Do: 17.2.2014 10:25


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